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Did China (S)elect Xi Jinping As Dictator For Life‽

Normally Chinese leaders are allowed to serve two terms max (with each term being 5 years). But now that is in doubt after China put Xi Jinping’s name in their Constitution (which is odd if you ask me). “The amendment of the party constitution effectively confirms Xi Jinping’s aspiration to be the Mao Zedong of the 21st Century — that means a top leader with no constraints on tenure or retirement age,” said Willy Wo-Lap Lam, a political expert at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. “The fact that he has become the new helmsman of the ship of...

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Making Twitter Great Again via Toggles, Edit Buttons &…Star Trek Colors‽

Despite its smaller size (at least when compared against rivals like Facebook & Instagram), Twitter is still the most influential social network online. A few examples include: Elon Musk establishing a mega clean tech battery in Australia over a tweet challenge CEO Elon Musk suggests Tesla can help out Puerto Rico with energy needs & Puerto Rico Governor accepts tweet offer Domino’s allows folks to order pizza on Twitter (yes, seriously) Popularizing #BlackLivesMatter movement (it ironically started on Facebook but only gained momentum on Twitter) Trump (dangerously) escalating war with North Korea—over Twitter While one could list 140,000 ways...

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No Google Universal Translator Love For Non-Pixel Android Phones‽

Google finished unveiling a suite of updated products including Google home mini, Pixelbook, Pixel Phone 2.0 & Pixel Buds. Hardware wise none of their products are impressive (as they boast yesteryear specs), but software wise Google has jumped past rivals due to one pony trick that Apple can not easily mimick. Auto translate via Pixel Buds is as close as the world will get to a universal translator & it impressively supports 40 languages! However instead of sharing this Greek fire with the Android brethren & sistren, Google has sadly wisely restricted this killer feature for Pixel lovers in...

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So Is Trumpcare Finally Dead‽

The third GOP Amigo has come out against Trumpcare which will make pumpkin king Donald Trump very upset. Senator Susan Collins of Maine said Friday she’s leaning against the bill because among other things it undermines protection for people with pre-existing medical conditions, according to the Portland Press Herald. “The premiums would be so high they would be unaffordable,” she said. (Bloomberg) Senator Rand Paul announced on Twitter his opposition to the pseudo Obamacare repeal… No one is more opposed to Obamacare than I am, and I've voted multiple times for repeal. The current bill isn't repeal. — Senator...

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Church (Finally) Abandons Robert E. Lee Name

Photo by Kevin Remington Apparently the parishioners in Virginia decided that bearing the name of a (violently pro-slavery) Confederate General was no longer an excellent representation of Jesus Christ. Sadly it took the tragedy of Charlottesville (& not the B-I-B-L-E) to open up their eyes. Leaders of R.E. Lee Memorial Episcopal Church in Lexington voted Monday evening to change the parish’s name to Grace Episcopal Church — what it was originally called when the Confederate general moved to town after the Civil War and joined the congregation. The decision concludes a quiet, two-year debate among congregants over whether it’s...

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