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Did Trump Just Win The GOP Primary Before It Began‽

The Department of Justice formally indicted former President Donald Trump for 37 treacherous acts against the United States.

Image Credit: Las Vegas Review Journal

In particular, Special Counsel Jack Smith alleges a few key points. First, that Trump handled the classified material exceptionally sloppily and haphazardly, including stashing documents in a shower, a bedroom, and—as depicted in a striking photo—onstage in a ballroom that frequently held events. Second, that Trump was personally involved in discussions about the documents, and in directing their repeated relocation. Third, that Trump was well aware of both the laws around classified documents and the fact that these particular documents were not declassified.

The Atlantic (discovered via @zaibatsu on Mastodon)

Donald Trump being indicted is not surprising, given the gravity of the crimes federal prosecutors are accusing of him. What is surprising is the reaction by Republicans, who respond as if their relative was accused of betraying the American republic.

Unsurprisingly, Trump’s sycophants are shocked that their political savior is being accused of gross sins against the state.

What is surprising is that most Republican contenders in the GOP primary are (more or less) overlooking these grievous crimes out of fear of offending the Orange One.

Instead of acknowledging the apparent charges against Trump, GOP rivals are now engaging in whataboutism & evading the issue at hand by deflecting toward their favorite scapegoats.

Currently, former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson is the only Republican contender who is calling on Donald Trump to suspend his political campaign.

If most Republican presidential contenders are too scared to confront Donald Trump over serious crimes, then how will they contend with the former President on the debate stage‽ At best, they are running for cabinet positions (with a few exceptions, of course).

Ironically, Ann Coulter perfectly sums up what is currently happening within the Republican Party (albeit with a dose of conspiracy mixed in).

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