Prediction: Joe Biden Will Be Re-Elected President Thanks To Trump

Despite arguably being the second most hated politician in America, it seems Mighty Joe Biden’s fortunes of being elected remain high due to two crucial facts pointed out by two Republican campaign teams.

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DeSantis’s team believes that 30 to 40 percent of Republicans are going to vote for Trump no matter what, according to people who’ve spoken to them, our colleague Hannah Knowles tells us. They’re betting DeSantis can win over enough of the rest of electorate to prevail. […]

Christie is expected to announce a campaign as soon as the coming days after concluding that none of the other Republicans in the race are willing to take on Trump forcefully, our colleague Maeve Reston tells us. (Hutchinson might disagree.) He and his allies have concluded that there are no “lanes” in the Republican primary, and that the only way to win is “through Trump,” not around him.

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Nine Republican candidates have already declared that they are running for President, & a crowded field only benefits one individual: Donald Trump.

Peter Zeihan breaks down why America will probably re-elect President Biden.

Peter Zeihan || The Winner of the 2024 US Presidential Election Is…

President Joe Biden does not represent the best economic interests of many Americans, especially those struggling with inflation, paying taxes & dealing with an increased amount of crime in their cities.

However, many Americans do not desire to return to the days when Captain Chaos (aka Agent Orange) held the reigns of power, & prefer a stable mind to navigate America through these unstable times.

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Could Donald Trump lose in the primary & another GOP contender emerge as victorious‽ Stranger things have happened, & Trump losing the GOP primaries would almost guarantee Joe Biden losing in the general election.

However, the Make America Great Again (MAGA) crowd will not abandon their Dear Leader the same way drink addicts will not abandon their favorite beverage (so no “diet” or “lite” options), resulting in a rematch between Donald Trump & Joe Biden (the latter who is favored to win).