Twitter: One Conservative Social Network To Rule Them All

Since purchasing Twitter, Elon Musk has struggled with retaining advertisers and good employees. However, one area the tech CEO has not struggled with is user growth.

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Although many users (especially progressives) have abandoned Twitter for Mastodon or restarted long-neglected Tumblr accounts, Twitter seems to be attracting conservative voices long shunned upon the platform—to the detriment of rival conservative social media sites.

Traffic on former president Donald Trump’s Truth Social plunged 29% in just two months as hundreds of thousands of users abandoned the site amid a broader falloff on right-wing websites.

Right-wing media watchdog The Righting reported that Truth Social drew just 2.85 million unique visitors in October, down from it peak of 4.02 million in August, citing Comscore data. […]

It was not just Truth Social that saw fewer users. Other conservative friendly social platforms also lost traffic, The Righting reported, with Rumble down 28% from a year ago to 6.59 million users, MeWe down 24% to 1.25 million users, Parler plunging 65% to 404,000 users and Gettr traffic dropping 61% to 294,000 users.

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Like the Ring of Power from Lord of the Rings, Twitter could become the de facto conservative hub of the entire world, as right-wing voices use the platform to amplify their voices at the expense of conservative rivals.

Some advertisers are already seeing this, & have already restarted ad spending on the platform despite the direction Twitter is taking under new leadership.

With Apple & Amazon on board the “Twitter Train,” other advertisers may resume spending, especially with the 2024 US elections around the corner (note: political parties usually spend billions of dollars on ads).

With user numbers increasing & prominent advertisers returning, Elon Musk’s biggest hurdle (after attracting great employees) will be dealing with government regulators (specifically the Federal Trade Commission in America & the European Union).

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