How Mauritius Can Get Its Island Back (Chagos Archipelago)

A long, long time ago, in a place not too far away from most non-English people, the British Empire brutalized the melanated masses via colonialism, enslavement & seizure of land/resources from indigenous inhabitants around the world.

Although Britain has given up their colonial strongholds throughout most of the world, the United Kingdom still illegally occupies the Chagos Archipelago (the latter which are legally owned by Mauritius).

Despite numerous attempts by Mauritius to regain control of their territory, England has refused to surrender the Chagos Archipelago—or more specifically, Diego Garcia—to its rightful owners.

Backed by the United States (the former who leases the islands from England), the United Kingdom sees no incentive to return the islands to Mauritius.

So how can Mauritius regain control of its islands from its former colonial master‽ Truthfully, all Mauritius has to do is learn to speak the language of the United States & the United Kingdom.

Enter The Dragon

Qing Empire Flag mixed with China’s borders. via Daniel222potato

Although English is the official & common language of England & the United States, respectively, the actual political language of both countries can be summed up in one word: power.

If Mauritius desires to regain control of Diego Garcia (& the Chagos Archipelago as a whole), then what they need to do is publicly ask America’s best frenemy for assistance.

Mauritius should publicly declare that the island nation is open to allowing the Chinese Navy to operate on one of the islands closest to the Chagos Archipelago & watch as the diplomatic fireworks are set off globally.

Neither the United States nor Britain would want a hostile power to operate nearby legally, so both countries would begin to take Mauritius seriously & begin negotiations for returning the Chagos Archipelago to Mauritius.

Side Note: India would also object as they already have a military base in Mauritius (this would require some diplomatic explanation on the latter’s part).

A Win-Win For Mauritius & America‽

To prevent a Chinese military naval base from operating near America’s fleet of ships, the United States should purchase the Chagos Archipelago from the United Kingdom & then return the islands to Mauritius in exchange for a reasonable lease agreement (the latter which Mauritius would agree upon).

Exiled indigenous inhabitants from the Chagos Archipelago could then be trained & hired as support personnel (logistics, cooks, police, fire & medical services, etcetera), allowing them to return to the ancestral homes they were forced to flee from decades ago.

The Mauritius government could then utilize extra revenue from the lease of Chagos Archipelago to help stabilize their economy, which has suffered due to COVID-19 & rising global inflation (the latter thanks to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine).

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