Zimbabwe To African Diaspora: How Does Citizenship By Investment Sound‽

For years (if not decades), many in the African Diaspora—especially in the United States 🇺🇸—have sought citizenship in an African country.

However, it appears that Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 will offer affluent African Americans an expedient way of obtaining citizenship in an African country—but for a hefty price.

Although Sierra Leone 🇸🇱 offers citizenship by descent via a DNA 🧬 test (which, as of this posting, only accepts DNA 🧬 tests from African Ancestry), most African countries only offer naturalization. The latter process often requires being a resident for many years.

Her Excellency, Doctor Arikana Chihombori-Quao (former Ambassador to the African Union, note: apologies for mispronouncing Her Excellencies name) is spearheading this initiative which will allow affluent African Diaspora to obtain citizenship by investing $250,000 into the Zimbabwean economy.

Zimbabwe’s strategy is very similar to Egypt’s Citizenship by Investment program, with the only significant difference being that Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 is allegedly asking for $250,000 per family, while Egypt 🇪🇬 is per individual.

Further details still need to be provided (example: as to whether one can buy a property worth $250,000 or if one needs to invest inside a special government fund). Still hopefully, this will aid somewhat wealthy African Americans while at the same time enabling Zimbabwe 🇿🇼 to build out the nation’s infrastructure.

Image Credit: Havocgirl on Pinterest