Expelling Sedition Politicians Via Loyalty Test?

America, we have a bipartisanship problem.

Right now, the United States is like a massive mansion with many factions attempting to coexist together in order to thrive within the global neighborhood.

Unfortunately, there are arsonists within this huge house who want to burn everything down to the ground if their demands are denied.

Faced with that scenario, would any reasonable person claim “everything is fine” & allow the arsonists to stay‽

Or would they instead expel them from the raucous residence to maintain law & order and guarantee safety for everyone else at home?

This is the current situation with Congress right now after the 45th President of the United States (Donald Trump) incited a riot to halt the 46th President of the United States (Joe Biden) from being certified as the election winner by Congress.

Despite federal & state judges in over 60 court cases declaring no evidence of massive voter fraud from respective states involved in litigation, many members still insinuate that Joe Biden’s Presidency is illegitimate.

While the former President has left office, many of his Republican colleagues in Congress remain––with 147 Republicans publicly casting doubt over the legitimacy of the 2020 election results.

Note: Ironically, something similar happened when George W. Bush was re-elected President as Senator Barbara Boxer & Congresswoman Stephanie Tubbs Jones (both Democrats) “questioned” the 2004 election results (they claimed it was done to address flawed voter practices) despite Bush winning both the popular vote as well as the electoral college.

No legitimate government can properly function if there are members who believe a third of the government is illegitimate.

For the United States government to operate at its best, it must conduct a constitutional “loyalty test.”

Congressional leaders who refuse to acknowledge the legitimacy of the President’s victory should be expelled for sedition under the 14th Amendment & replaced with those who cherish the constitution.

So what would this loyalty test entail‽ A simple statement recorded on video that reads as follows:

I, __________________ do not endorse the President of the United States, ____________________ or any of their political actions. However, I, ______________ do recognize that __________________ was elected President of the United States of America & is the legitimate leader of the Executive Branch of government.

The first & third blanks would involve the Congress person’s name, while the second & fourth blanks will be for the current President of the United States of America.

Members of Congress who refuse to utter this statement should be removed under the 14th Amendment for Sedition & replaced by governors or voters in their respective states.

After all, what happens if Donald Trump or someone similar is elected President after Joe Biden & the opposition party refuses to accept the results‽

This would result in a potential constitutional crisis with the courts being forced to get involved, which would not bode well for any political party.

Although requiring elected officials to utter this simple statement would probably need approval from the ethics committees of the House of Representatives & Senate (as well as a general floor vote in both Congressional chambers), it would help restore some semblance unity that is sorely lacking in the 21st century.