Will Liberia Embrace Dual Citizenship? UPDATE: Rejected?

Although not a global power, Liberia’s status remains vital due to its history of being the United States’ only official African colony.

While Liberian politics remain important to yours truly due to being related to the Kpelle people, the implications of dual citizenship could help open up the country economically by encouraging investment from the Diaspora.

Liberians said “yes” to amendments by President George Weah to reduce the head of state’s term and allow dual citizenship, according to partial results for a third of the country’s regions announced Tuesday. (Africa News)

This is good news. However, according to commenter James Davis from Front Page Africa Online, 66% or two-thirds is required to amend the constitution.

The voting of “Yes” as an indicator that the Yes votes are in the right direction of the referendum, is misleading. The Yes votes can be leading, but if it fails or falls short of the required two-third vote to change any provision of the constitution, it means nothing. This is not a one man one vote thing. But rather a constitutional protected mandate that a two-third vote is required, or the referendum fails. So all those wishing for a Yes vote, must also wish for a two-third of the votes. 
So far from the article, and sadly, that will not be the case. (James Davis on Front Page Africa Online)

If the latter is indeed true, then Liberia’s refusal to recognize dual citizenship will continue to hamper the countries ability to develop economically, especially during the current cash crunch that the country is now experiencing.

The NEC has still not published official results online (at least that this author could locate), but hopefully, the African nation not only embraces dual citizenship but also will extend a “right of return” policy for Diaspora stolen 400 years ago by European countries.

For what it’s worth, Liberia’s neighbor Sierra Leone has embraced not only dual citizenship but also a “right of return” policy for Diaspora (with genetic tribal links to Sierra Leone) whose ancestors were enslaved by European countries & transported to the United States.

Image Credit: Front Page Africa.

Update (1/9/2021): It appears the referendum has failed.

The December 8 Referendum has hit a dead-end – all eight propositions have failed to meet the two-thirds requirement of valid votes for each proposition from all counties, independent calculations indicate. (Front Page Africa)

Fortunately their northern neighbor has embraced wisdom & will allow dual citizenship (which yours truly will attempt to obtain).