Dog Eat Dog? Jerry Falwell To Trump: Fire Jeff Sessions

It’s surprising how once an advocate of conservative Christian ethics in politics is now demanding that President Trump fire Jeff Sessions over the sin of…disloyalty‽

Jerry Falwell Jr., a top conservative religious leader, said Monday he urged President Donald Trump to fire Jeff Sessions over his handling of investigations into Russian election meddling, saying the attorney general has lost evangelicals’ support.

“He really is not on the president’s team, never was,” Falwell, the president of Liberty University, said of Sessions. “He’s wanted to be attorney general for many, many years. I have a feeling he took a gamble and supported the president because he knew he would reward loyalty.” (Politico)

Jeff Sessions deserves to be fired, although it should be over his promotion of child separation at the US-Mexican border & not for alleged disloyalty to Donald Trump.

Robert Mueller’s investigation against the President is intensifying, with speculation that Mueller will soon focus on Trump Junior regarding his now self-confessed meeting with ”former” Russian agents (previously Trump Junior claimed it was about Russian adoptions).

With elections in November approaching, Trump will probably dismiss Attorney General Sessions the same way Donald dismissed FBI Director James Comey—over Twitter & via a news media alert.

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