Patriots Payoff Or NFL Law Keeping‽ A Tale Of 3 Touchdowns Calls By Al Riveron

Photo Credits: Tom Dahlin & Getty Images

Another week, another controversial touchdown reversal by Al Riveron in favor of my New England Patriots.

As a self-declared Masshole, I am beginning to see why friends, family, frenemies & foes accuse the NFL of being biased towards Tom Brady & Bill Belichick.

However contrary to popular (sports) conspiracies, there is a method to the NFL’s madness which lays down the law regardless of fan feelings.

As best summed up in the words of my frenemy, Ben Shapiro:

Week 6 (Patriots vs. Jets)

Truthfully I thought the Jets scored a touchdown here & was surprised by Riveron’s decision to not only nix six points away from the Jets but to give the Patriots the football on the 20-yard line.

I still do not like the call, but I do understand why Riveron ruled in favor of Patriots here (even if it is a bad rule).

Week 15 (Patriots vs. Steelers)

Apparently catching the football with the knee down as you are falling does not count as a runner anymore as Al Riveron explains below.

Ironically I know many die-hard Steelers fans at work as well as my church who view the reversal as a Patriots Payoff.

Week 16 (Bills vs. Patriots)

This touchdown reversal is by far the most controversial & I (in my limited understanding of NFL officiating) think Al Riveron was wrong to nix six off of the scoreboard for Buffalo.

From my Patriots perspective, the Bills receiver caught the football & dragged his second foot on the ground in the end zone.

Any Others‽

I am not aware of any other Patriotic discrepancies, but if any happen next week (or in the playoffs), I will update this post below.