Freedom Of Speech Vs Freedom Of Association

Scrolling through the locked vaults of Medium (aka member only content) I came across an article lamenting how businesses disassociating from Nazi’s was somehow censoring their freedom of speech.

The author was confusing freedom of speech with freedom of association (which are similar, yet different).

Legally companies & customers do not have to conduct business with other customers & companies whose ideals are an offense to their own.

We’re Meddlesome…

America’s Constitution prevents government from restricting, hindering or censoring the rights & speech of citizens  —  not businesses  —  even if their rhetoric is reprehensible.

The problem with progressives & conservatives is they want to promote their ideal culture at the expense of any opposing ideals & cultures (even if it violates constitutional law).

Forcing companies to associate with unsavory customers is not the answer, nor is forcing customers to embrace a corporation’s unsavory culture the answer.

Aim To Misbehave…

Bakeries can legally refuse to make Nazi cakes just like Christian/Muslim owned bakeries can refuse to make gay wedding cakes.

Alphabet/Google/YouTube can censor & hinder religious videos just as much as GodTube (yes, it’s a thing) can censor pro-LGBT videos.

There will always be online services willing to host offensive content (for a price), so no one’s digital voice will be silenced (no matter how offensive).

A World Without Sin‽

Attempting to build a better world — a world without offense (or sin) — is impossible in our current condition.

Only mass enlightenment or (God forbid) mass extinction will result in global peace & the only way to reach the former is via dialogue with folks expressing opposing views.

It will not be easy, enjoyable or quick but if we really desire to rescue those entrapped with vile viewpoints then we first have to take the uncomfortable step & “reach out.”

Note: All video clips are from the movie Serenity (my favorite film) & are legally owned by Universal Pictures.

Clips only used to illustrate points presented in article (but if you desire to see this awesome film you can purchase it on YouTube, Amazon or iTunes).