Good News For Bad Cops: Trump Pardons Sheriff Joe, Burns Constitution

Known best for making prisoners in the desert wear pink underwear, Sheriff Joe Arpaio was convicted of violating the civil rights of American citizens (specially Hispanics) in his zeal to combat illegal immigration.

Fortunately for (former) Sheriff Joe, he has friends in high places.

Although Trump’s pardon is legal, it sets a dangerous precedent for bad cops who flirt with the idea that ignoring constitutional laws is a good great idea.

Just in the last decade police officers have been caught illegally:

All of these were done in the name of keeping America safe.

Sheriff Joe violated constitutional law in order end illegal immigration in the great state of Arizona.

No one sane questions Sheriff Joe’s intent—it’s his method that is appalling.

If Cops are allowed to skirt around the constitution in the name of justice, then how are they better than any other vigilante that decides to take law in their own hands‽

Update: Trump was going to pardon Sheriff Joe all along‽

After talking with Sessions, Trump decided to let the case go to trial, and if Arpaio was convicted, he could grant clemency.

So the president waited, all the while planning to issue a pardon if Arpaio was found in contempt of court for defying a federal judge’s order to stop detaining people merely because he suspected them of being undocumented immigrants. Trump was, in the words of one associate, “gung-ho about it.” (Washington Post)

Talk about a political pardon based upon friendship! So much for the rule of law & Trump becoming a law & order president.