Lion Vs Crocodile (aka Floyd Mayweather Vs Conor McGregor)

I am debating on whether I should watch this fight or not as this boxing match is (at best) like a lion vs a crocodile—on dry land. 

For all his faults, Conor McGregor is vicious like a crocodile . He thrashes his opponents with lightning speed & mocks them with his jaws wide open. 

But also like a crocodile, he is exiting his familiar waters to steal the crown from the king of beasts.

Warning: Video Not Safe For Work (lots of cussing).

As seen from the video above, Floyd Mayweather is king of the boxing world just like a lion is king of the jungle. 

And just like the king of the beasts, Floyd talked down when speaking about his challenger, even offering to beat McGregor in the Octagon (doubtful).

Will the crocodile beat the lion‽ If McGregor was fighting Mayweather in the Octogon, he would destroy him like a crocodile fighting a lion in the water. 

But the crocodile is fighting the lion on land — and unless the crocodile subdues the lion quickly he will lose stamina & end up becoming lunch. 

Image Credit: Compare Animal