This is fine…Donald Trump Poking The Chinese Dragon Is Fine‽

Welcome to The Upside Down America (also known as Bizarro World) where the normal rules of diplomacy are being lite on fire in the name of Trumpianism.

Apparently after decades of America, China, Taiwan, et al, embracing the “One China Policy” (a blatant diplomatic lie created to avoid a regional war) Donald Trump decided to poke the Chinese dragon—& China is not happy about this at all!

China’s Foreign Ministry said it had lodged “stern representations” with what it called the “relevant U.S. side”, urging the careful handling of the Taiwan issue to avoid any unnecessary disturbances in ties.

“The one China principle is the political basis of the China-U.S. relationship,” it said.

The wording implied the protest had gone to the Trump camp, but the ministry provided no explanation. (Reuters)

Trumpian supporters are already defending the Donald over this fiasco by making an odd compare & contrast with the outgoing President of the United States. 

While Barack Obama’s break with diplomatic precedence regarding Cuba is similar to China, the major difference is that unlike Cuba, China can hurt America economicly (via US debt) as well as militarily (via nukes).

Poking the dragon may be an ingenious strategy in the movies (cue The Hobbit of The Lord of the Rings)…

…but in reality initiating a diplomatic crisis with China could prove to be disastrous for everyone involved—at least those wary of experiencing another economic recession or worse (like a war).

But alas, what do I know‽ I am just another Never Trumper who voted third party out of fear of a novice (at best) creating global chaos out of a desire to be unpredictable

So forget everything I just typed! Everything is ok. This is fine…