A New Hope? Tom Brady May Beat NFL, Roger Goodell In Appeal

It’s only 4 games you say.

But those first four games could signal the beginning of a playoff birth or initiate prayers for a wildcard entrance. 

Right now the question every Patriots fan is asking is, “Will the odds ever be in Tom Brady’s favor?”

What are Tom Brady’s odds against the NFL machine?

Not great. Only eight of more than 27,000 cases got a hearing from the full appeals court in the Second Circuit from 2000 to 2010, according to The Boston Globe.

But Olson said he was encouraged because the dissenting vote in Brady’s appeal was written by Chief Judge Robert A. Katzmann, who rarely breaks ranks with his fellow justices. Olson added that the core issue of the fairness of an arbitrator resonates far beyond this case. “This affects millions of people, the legal principles here, and we hope the court will recognize that it is more than about Tom Brady and the Patriots,” Olson said. (New York Times)

Yes, 8 out of 27,000 is approximately 0.03% (rounding up!), but in the words of Han Solo, “Never tell me the odds!”

Yes, the odds are against Tom Brady. 

Yes, it’s in the NFL’s best interest to hurt my Patriots (probably America’s most hated team). 

Yes, Roger Goodell is personally invested in destroying the Patriots for the sake of his legacy and ego. 

But New England has been here before—game after game—& come out on top!

So far in 2 court cases, 2 out of 4 judges sided with Tom Brady. 

And so far the future has yet to be written…

Looking forward to November!