Month: May 2016

A New Hope? Tom Brady May Beat NFL, Roger Goodell In Appeal

It’s only 4 games you say. But those first four games could signal the beginning of a playoff birth or initiate prayers for a wildcard entrance.  Right now the question every Patriots fan is asking is, “Will the odds ever be in Tom Brady’s favor?” What are Tom Brady’s odds against the NFL machine? Not great. Only eight of more than 27,000 cases got a hearing from the full appeals court in the Second Circuit from 2000 to 2010, according to The Boston Globe. But Olson said he was encouraged because the dissenting vote in Brady‚Äôs appeal was written...

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Red Pill Or Blue Pill? (Trump Or Hillary)

  Congratulations America! United States main options for president come down between the queen of corruption (Hillary Clinton) or the duke of fascism (Donald Trump). Hillary Clinton (at best) represents a third term of Barack Obama, which means I will expect more bureaucratic incompetence, more former allies becoming frenemies, more enemies becoming emboldened against US (pun intended) and a dimming economic outlook for future generations. Donald Trump (at best) represents massive trade wars (which can spiral into real wars), impending recession, increase of global conflicts (due to diminishing of war alliances between NATO, Japan, South Korea, et al), reduction...

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