Donald Trump Just Gave Hillary Clinton The Election

I want to be wrong but alas the Trump Train continues to trek towards dumbogeddon, dragging the Republican Party behind into a new era of socialistic utopia (if such a thing exists).

What did Donald “I have the worlds greatest memory” Trump say that will help Hillary Clinton win a Democratic super majority powerful enough to rewrite the constitution‽ 


…which is odd because a few days ago Donald Trump said…

So why did Donald “Make America Great Again” Trump refuse to disavow David Duke again days after he did previously‽ 

Perhaps it’s because:

  • Donald Trump is a mere mortal like the rest of us (he forgets important historical details)
  • Donald Trump needs the white supremacist vote to win (as most minority groups will not vote for him)
  • Donald Trump is trying to end his campaign because being President scares him
  • Donald Trump is being Donald Trump

Irregardless of the real reason, all Hillary Clinton has to do is make an ad out of the first video & play it throughout the United States.

This will result in every American of African, Asian or Hispanic decent to vote against Donald Trump & the GOP out of fear of watching a closet Nazi lead the free world towards the dark side. 

In other words (Not Safe For Work)… 

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