Ted Cruz Using Barack Obama’s Tactics In Iowa‽ 

Another election year, another lawyer turned junior Senator is running for President of the United States.

But of all the Presidents to mimic, why would anyone (especially a Republican) adopt a tactic used by Barack Obama‽

Up is down & black is white apparently.


More from Independent Journal:

Cruz spokesman Rick Tyler confirmed to IJ Review that the mailer was theirs in a phone call Friday evening, saying that the targeting had been “very narrow, but the caucuses are important and we want people who haven’t voted before to vote.”

Worse is this same tactic was used by allies of Barack Obama in Iowa (& condemned for the same reason). 

Brilliant strategy Ted! People are already unnerved by massive privacy violations from their own government!

Truthfully this fiasco helps out Donald Trump by convincing undecided voters to join the Storm Trumper brigade or the Rubio Revolution, weakening Ted Cruz in a state he must win (as New Hampshire, Nevada & South Carolina are leaning towards Trump…gulp!). 

Unless Ted Cruz desires to see Donald Trump as President, he needs to resist adopting tactics by the party he routinely condemns lest America ends up with another egomaniac as President.

Discovered via: Red State & Twitter (links below).