Month: December 2015

Security: Will Facebook Now Force Instagram To Adopt 2-Step Login‽

   Another weak & another Instagram breach. This time by a…white hat hacker‽  But Wineberg carried on probing for more weaknesses in Instagram’s architecture. He said he’d found a server configuration file that contained some keys for Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing provider used to host Instagram’s Sensu setup. Those keys let him see that there were 82 different “buckets” – Amazon’s term for digital storage units. The same keys, however, did not allow him to access any of the buckets apart from one. He looked through the latest file in that bucket and found nothing sensitive, but...

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Islamic State Is Winning Thanks To…Russia And Turkey‽ 

   Remember that Russian fighter jet Turkey shot out of the sky‽  Well, apparently after that fatal incident Russia decided to impose economic sanctions against Turkey… …as well as moving to officially recognize the Armenian genocide (sad it took this incident for Russia to recognize Turkey’s past sins).  Turkey has responded by imposing…a naval blockade‽  Turkey slammed the door on Russian sea travel Sunday, effectively shutting off Moscow’s access to the Black Sea and raising serious concerns among experts about escalating tensions in the region. The recent blockade is preventing Russian naval vessels from traveling in the Black Sea...

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