China Needs To Exit The Child Quota Business

This morning I received a happy alert via the Breaking News app (a rarity nowadays). 

Scouring the Twitterverse confirmed that the Chinese government was doubling the child quota from one to…two‽ 

While allowing children in China to legally have siblings is a great idea, China needs to exit the child quota business for one important reason. 

A growing number of scholars had urged the government to reform the rules, introduced in the late 1970s to prevent population growth spiraling out of control, but now regarded as outdated and responsible for shrinking China’s labor pool.

For the first time in decades the working age population fell in 2012, and China, the world’s most populous nation, could be the first country in the world to get old before it gets rich. (Reuters)

China has a serious problem & the answer is not out dated child quotas. 

If China wants remain as the Asian empire that powers the globe, they need to allow families to responsively raise their kids sans quotas (lest they join Japan in the youth shrinkage business). 

Image via Breitbart

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  1. China communist party this week abolished the one child per family policy. China is discovering what many world powers already know. The more industrialized and the higher the standard of living in a country the lower the birth rate drops. China has a population that is statistically more male than female and the population is aging. The Communist party has not completely give its citizens the right to have as many children as they want, however, a family is now allowed to have two children as opposed to one. The abolishment of the one child policy will help to even out gender differences in its population and give rise to a larger youth population which will offset the members of the population that are aging out of the work force. However, I do believe that as the standard of living increases the birth rate will continue to decline.

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