Beyond 140: The Future of Twitter is…Twogger‽ (via Medium, Tumblr & WordPress)

No, a product called Twogger by Twitter does not exist—yet. 

But with Twitter pondering on expanding beyond the 140 character limit they may want to consider “Twogger” as a superior alternative. 

What is Twogger‽ 

Twogger is a portmanteau of the words twitter & blogger in which tweet messages beyond 140 characters are posted upon a third party blogging service like Meduim, Tumblr or WordPress
However instead of simply being a Twitlonger alternative, Twitter could auto embed the tweet within a newly created blog post from within the official app. 

I have crudely tried doing this within Medium before via Mediums iOS app (when I needed more than 140 characters) when responding to: 

Instead of taking a screenshot & manually creating a post later on, it would be great if Twitter could auto embed the tweet (especially replies) along with the extra content underneath that would not fit within the 140 limit. 

This way Twitter would not sacrifice its core features for the sake of promised growth that may or may not come due to moar characters.

Image Credit: Digital Trends