Month: October 2015

China Needs To Exit The Child Quota Business

   This morning I received a happy alert via the Breaking News app (a rarity nowadays).  China to abandon iconic one-child policy, allow two children for all couples, Communist Party says – @Reuters — Breaking News (@BreakingNews) October 29, 2015 Scouring the Twitterverse confirmed that the Chinese government was doubling the child quota from one to…two‽  While allowing children in China to legally have siblings is a great idea, China needs to exit the child quota business for one important reason.  A growing number of scholars had urged the government to reform the rules, introduced in the late 1970s...

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Sadness: No SpaceX Stock Until Mars Colony Is Established

Looks like my dreams of investing my small treasure into a future space faring corporation will not happen for a very long, long time… According to citizen astronaut and SpaceX investor Richard Garriott, the company only exists to colonize Mars. Garriott revealed that Musk often jokes with investors about that, saying things like, “by the way, none of this money is coming back until we are on Mars. “ Musk’s intentions aren’t necessarily a surprise, considering that he’s often spoken about the Red Planet. Only recently, he talked about nuking the planet to prepare it for human arrival and...

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Why Is Texas Denying Birth Certificates To Kids Of Illegal Immigrants‽ 

   Yes, I know Texas has an “border problem” due to the willful incompetence of Democratic and Republican leaders (who in the age of terrorism have foolishly refused to secure the American borders).  However this does not justify denying American citizens (even if they are minors) official paperwork proving their place of birth.  Though children born in the United States are entitled by law to U.S. citizenship regardless of the immigration status of their parents, Texas authorities have been placing significant barriers to immigrants who have entered the country illegally and are seeking birth certificates for their U.S.-born children....

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Beyond 140: The Future of Twitter is…Twogger‽ (via Medium, Tumblr & WordPress)

   No, a product called Twogger by Twitter does not exist—yet.  But with Twitter pondering on expanding beyond the 140 character limit they may want to consider “Twogger” as a superior alternative.  What is Twogger‽  Twogger is a portmanteau of the words twitter & blogger in which tweet messages beyond 140 characters are posted upon a third party blogging service like Meduim, Tumblr or WordPress.  However instead of simply being a Twitlonger alternative, Twitter could auto embed the tweet within a newly created blog post from within the official app.  I have crudely tried doing this within Medium before via...

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