Out: Apple Watch, In: Neptune Hub‽ 

The last time I was excited about wrist wear was when I discovered that the Leatherman Tread was courting Apple Watch!

Neptune Hub allows you to make calls, send messages, stay connected with your social networks, track fitness stats, and much more, all directly on your wrist – all on its own. (Neptune Hub Indiegogo Page)

Here is a more indepth video sans the promo hype:

Honestly though I could see myself wearing the Neptune Hub over an Apple Watch for 5 reasons:

  1. Larger screen (so I can actually see apps)
  2. Built in 3G/LTE radio (so it can operate independently of a smart phone)
  3. 64 GB of internal storage
  4. Running a full mobile OS (not a dumbed down wrist version)
  5. Real video calling from my wrist! (Yes, I am a Trekie!!)

The Neptune Hub is running Android 5.0, although I assume they will upgrade to 6.0 when Google unveils it to the world. 

Its GSM friendly so (in theory) it should work on AT&T & T-Mobile networks (Verizon & Sprint are out of luck sadly). 

They plan to ship devices out by February of 2016, although there is no word on whether they will parter with GSM telecoms via leasing plans (as Neptune Hub is selling for $899 off contract). 

My only major concern is battery life as having this last less than a day would be a deal breaker for me (as it only boasts 1,000 mAH).

Exit Question: Is Apple working on something similar‽ After all good artists copy while great artists steal

Discovered via: Engadget

Image Credits: Neptune Hub Indiegogo Page