Month: September 2015

Trump And Bush’s Tax Plans Sound Great But What About The Deficit‽

Donald Trump recently unveiled his tax plan to the world and just like Jeb Bush’s plan it would lower federal taxes for many Americans (if not eliminate them completely). While either of these plans would be in the financial best interests of me, myself and I (along with millions of other Americans), they would be disastrous at reducing the deficit. Why? Because neither Bush nor Trump go into detail how they are going to reduce federal spending (which is critical if you want to protect the future value of the dollar). Courtesy of National Priorities, here is the Federal...

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Dear Verge: Stop Whining About Ad Blockers! (Instead Just Shut Up And Take My Money!)

With the release of iOS 9 to the masses, many publishers (big and small) have been trembling at the popularity of ad blockers. Cue The Verge: But taking money and attention away from the web means that the pace of web innovation will slow to a crawl. Innovation tends to follow the money, after all! And asking most small- to medium-sized sites to weather that change without dramatic consequences is utterly foolish. Just look at the number of small sites that have shut down this year: GigaOm. The Dissolve. Casey Johnston wrote a great piece for The Awl about ad...

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Out: Apple Watch, In: Neptune Hub‽ 

   The last time I was excited about wrist wear was when I discovered that the Leatherman Tread was courting Apple Watch! Neptune Hub allows you to make calls, send messages, stay connected with your social networks, track fitness stats, and much more, all directly on your wrist – all on its own. (Neptune Hub Indiegogo Page) Here is a more indepth video sans the promo hype: Honestly though I could see myself wearing the Neptune Hub over an Apple Watch for 5 reasons: Larger screen (so I can actually see apps) Built in 3G/LTE radio (so it can...

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