Coming Soonish‽ Apple Watch With Leatherman Tread Band‽ 


Photo: Mockup of Leatherman Tread with smart watch Pebble by Rajrdajr on Reddit

Ever since the Leatherman Tread was revealed in January (now available at Cabelas), I have dreamed of pairing Tread with Apple Watch as a band. 

While Leatherman will sell the Tread with a “dumb watch” in 2015 (in Autumn), they are seeking to match it with an Apple watch in the semi-distant future. 

Also according to The Wall Street Journal, Leatherman’s President Benjamin Rivera is already sporting an iWatch/Leatherman Tread combo in the wild. 

The company plans to release additional links with tools for specific hobbies (possibilities include archery and motorcycle repair). Mr. Rivera currently wears the Tread as a watchband for his Apple Watch using a custom-fabricated adapter, which the company is also considering releasing. (The Wall Street Journal)

Hopefully Apple approves Leatherman as a third party iWatch wrist vender in the semi distant future.

However if Apple declines to embrace the future of wrist wear then I will take matters into my own hands (pun not intended) by attaching the Tread by tweaking this iWatch band hack.

Note: Video discovered via MacRumors

Either way I look forward to wearing the ultimate wrist utility as soon as I figure out which links upon the Leatherman Tread I can live without (as it is huge upon my wrist!).

Final Thoughts: I considered pairing the Leatherman Tread with Pebble but alas an iWatch would work better with my iPhablet (aka iPhone 6 Plus).


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