Patriots: Julian Edelman has a rule named after him‽ 

Of all the things the NFL chose to name after Julian Edelman, they chose this‽ 

The NFL’s ball-inflation procedures were strengthened for the 2015 season because of the Patriots. The eligible-ineligible tactics were mostly outlawed because of the Patriots, and the extra point was pushed back to the 15-yard line at the prodding of the Patriots.

And the Patriots are at least partly responsible for a fourth rule change for 2015 — the “Julian Edelman Rule,” as it were, that will allow the concussion spotters to signal down to the officials on the field and call a medical timeout if a player is exhibiting concussive symptoms but hasn’t had a chance to be evaluated by team doctors. (Boston Globe)

Yeah, I think it’s weird but it’s a good rule truth be told. 

That said I still think they should revisit the eligible, ineligible receiver rule (as it was cool when my Patriots performed it against the Ravens).