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Is The Confederate Flag Evil‽ 

With America still in shock after a white supremacist killed nine people in a black church (during a prayer meeting nonetheless!), debate has once again shifted on whether South Carolina should remove the rebel flag from flying over state property. 

Defenders of the Confederate flag state (repeatedly) that the “stars & bars” is apart of their history (something no one disputes) & that displaying the flag is a way for them to honor their heritage. 

Not suprisingly the Twitterverse destroyed that argument:

Just like the Nazi’s after them, the Confederacy stood for the exaltation of one race at the brutal expense & exploitation of the other. 

The only difference between Germany & South Carolina is that the former does not honor those who fought for segregation, slavery, et al, by naming schools & roads after them. 

If South Carolina wants to shed the image of being “klanner friendly” territory, then they will need to cease honoring a flag of an extinct government who was birthed on the premise that not all men were created equal.

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