Why Islamic State (aka ISIS) Is “Winning” In Nigeria


Image: Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan, back ground is Boko Harem (via Vanguard)

For what it’s worth Boko Haram (now known as Islamic State) is currently losing ground in their war to spread theocratic Islam amongst the masses in Nigeria.

While Islamic State’s pending eradication from yet another region on Earth is cause for celebration, lovers of freedom might be celebrating prematurely due to this one glaring fact.

Now Damasak, like much of northeastern Nigeria, is in a vacuum. Boko Haram has been chased away for now, but it is not clear that the Nigerian Army is ready to occupy and hold this and other towns.

“It is up to them to hold the town. Not us. Our role is offensive. Our mission is to chase the terrorists,” Lieutenant Hassan said. “But they are afraid,” he repeated angrily.

“Our biggest wish is that the Nigerian Army pulls itself together — that it takes responsibility in the towns,” said Mr. Mahamat, the Chadian foreign minister. “We are ready to disengage, right away.” (via New York Times)

Honestly if Nigeria’s military is too scared to occupy cities liberated from Islamic State, then how will Nigeria’s government prevent something similar from happening in the future‽

Unless local forces rediscover their courage then it will be up to foreign forces to maintain the peace, resulting in an indefinite occupation (a scenario that benefits no one in the long run).

Hopefully Nigeria will quickly send troops to the now liberated zones, lest Chad leaves & the world witnesses the reemergence of Islamic State 2.0 (which will be harder to exterminate).

Hat Tip: Sara Firth