Month: March 2015

Is Meerkat Dead‽ All Hail Periscope Now‽

To the Meerkat masses I would offer you a sad violin…but alas all I have is this video courtesy of Periscope’s older sister—Vine: Note: Vine is experiencing problems but you can see the vine here. How could Meerkat be overthrown so quickly after outpacing other live stream rivals‽ Blame the non-geek masses consisting of normals. By Sunday night, the consumer reaction to the Periscope-Meerkat rivalry was brutally lopsided. Twitter’s Periscope app had become a smash hit, breaking into the U.S. iPhone top–30 chart by Friday night. This is a rare feat for a social media app, and it demonstrated that Periscope had immediate and broad consumer appeal. […] Meerkat’s highest daily ranking on the U.S. iPhone download chart was No. 140, on March 20th. At this point, the app had already generated thousands of news stories and blog posts, most of them enthusiastically describing it as a hit. But actual American consumers never showed the slightest sign of warming up. (via BGR) Truthfully I prefer Meerkat’s user interface as it allows you to easily see commenters, watchers & re-tweeters, although despite its design Meerkat did fail at the one feature which Periscope perfected—broadcasting. Periscope is far more stable when it comes to live streaming, & by nailing that one critical feature the team can now focus on building a better...

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Sorry GOP, But Ted Cruz Will Never Be President of USA

So if you have not heard already, Ted Cruz has declared that he is running for President of the United States of America (sans the pseudo Exploratory Committees. Good for him!). I’m running for President and I hope to earn your support! — Ted Cruz (@tedcruz) March 23, 2015 The senator has even set up an official campaign site upon (due to being owned by a pro amnesty Obama fan). Note: Ted Cruz can legally obtain away from it’s current owner due to the 1999 Anti-Cyber Squatting Law (which both Hillary Clinton and Madonna used to acquire their respective domains from previous owners). But the question that ironically is being ignored by news networks (but debated upon Twitter) is: Can a Canadian born politician legally be elected President of the United States‽ Supporters claim Ted Cruz is “natural born” due to the fact that he was: never “naturalized” in the US born to a mother with American citizenship (negated by the fact that his Dad had Cuban citizenship) Has renounced his Canadian citizenship (an odd action for a “natural born” citizen The “never naturalized” argument is a valid point, however many pro Cruz pundits miss this important fact regarding the “natural born” issue. So why is there even a debate about a Cruz candidacy? Two significant factors that allow for some doubt are the facts...

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Why Islamic State (aka ISIS) Is “Winning” In Nigeria

  Image: Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan, back ground is Boko Harem (via Vanguard) For what it’s worth Boko Haram (now known as Islamic State) is currently losing ground in their war to spread theocratic Islam amongst the masses in Nigeria. While Islamic State’s pending eradication from yet another region on Earth is cause for celebration, lovers of freedom might be celebrating prematurely due to this one glaring fact. Now Damasak, like much of northeastern Nigeria, is in a vacuum. Boko Haram has been chased away for now, but it is not clear that the Nigerian Army is ready to occupy and hold this and other towns. “It is up to them to hold the town. Not us. Our role is offensive. Our mission is to chase the terrorists,” Lieutenant Hassan said. “But they are afraid,” he repeated angrily. “Our biggest wish is that the Nigerian Army pulls itself together — that it takes responsibility in the towns,” said Mr. Mahamat, the Chadian foreign minister. “We are ready to disengage, right away.” (via New York Times) Honestly if Nigeria’s military is too scared to occupy cities liberated from Islamic State, then how will Nigeria’s government prevent something similar from happening in the future‽ Unless local forces rediscover their courage then it will be up to foreign forces to maintain the peace, resulting in an indefinite occupation (a scenario that benefits...

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Apple Watch + Leatherman Tread = Geek Tool Time Delight‽

  Image Credit: Apple. Alas, the glorious Apple Watch event has come & gone. During the live broadcast I went from a semi-skeptic of the “iWatch” (as my iPhablet—commonly referred to as iPhone 6 Plus—could perform most of the tasks of Apple Watch) to an iLover of Apple’s time piece that’s filled with utilitarian elegance! Why & how you say‽ I blame this demo (starting at 5:20 to 8:15 in The Verge’s 11 minute summary): The ability to easily check through airports, measure my pulse, hail Uber cabs, open garage doors & unlock hotel doors (the latter is not featured in the video) makes Apple Watch a perfect companion for the GTD Geek (or get things done for those unfamiliar with this awesome acronym). However if there was one more thing I would add to the Apple Watch, it would be the addition of the Leatherman Tread as wrist link option.   Image Credit: Leatherman Why‽ I believe this video via The Urban Prepper sums up my thoughts perfectly. The Leatherman Tread features a variety of useful tools that can assist the “hands on” geek from swapping out SIM cards to cutting open cardboard box packages via mail to dealing with numerous electronics around the house! (without having to grab tool boxes & knives) I am not sure if Apple would be keen on mixing their elegance with Leatherman’s...

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