DeflateGate Plot Twist: Did Colts Frame Patriots‽

Looks like the whole deflate-gate conspiracy theory is quickly becoming unraveled by the truth!

Came across this semi-recent tweet today:

Delving further reveals some very interesting facts courtesy of CBS Boston:

Secondly, NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport reported the morning of the Super Bowl that just one of the 11 footballs was 2 PSI under the limit, while the other 10 were “just a tick” under the 12.5 threshold. Rapoport’s report was crucial for a number of reasons. For one, he is paid by the NFL, and so he can’t afford to be Nwrong. If his report, which makes Roger Goodell’s bloodthirsty office look like a bunch of clowns, turns out to be wrong, how much longer would the league keep him on the payroll? Second, the phrasing of the footballs of being “just a tick” under the limit is at once believable, because that’s how non-technical measurements would be recorded, and also because footballs which were originally inflated near the lower limit would likely lose some air pressure after two hours outside in January.

And then there’s this: The one football that was 2 PSI under the limit? That was the ball intercepted by D’Qwell Jackson, the pizza man puncher, according to ProFootballTalk. It was the football that was taken to the Colts sideline ‘and then submitted to the NFL to launch an investigation. You’re going to tell me that the Colts didn’t manipulate that football before submitting it? The team that fired off the accusations of cheating didn’t take an extra step or two to make sure they were right by sticking a needle in that football and letting it drain for a few seconds before handing it over to the league and saying, “Hey, the Patriots are using underinflated footballs, so you need to investigate”? [sic]

Note: Be sure to read the entire article as it is really good!

Truthfully the NFL needs to finish their investigation first & if no evidence is found against Patriots then the League needs to apologize not only to Tom Brady & Bill Belichick but Robert Kraft as well.

However if the investigation reveals that the only ball that was significantly deflated was in possession of the Colts then the NFL needs to investigate this suspicious anomaly & quickly figure out why this happened (lest it breeds a dangerous AFC hatred between the Patriots & the Colts).