Google Hangouts Killing Off Google Voice App

Google’s latest Google Hangouts app update will finally kill of their semi-neglected Google Voice app.

Users can now receive & see SMS/MMS messages as well as voicemails within the Google Hangouts app!

Unfortunately activating this written by an engineer, not designed for humans feature is a pain!

Those seeking a way to say “Goodbye Google Voice, Hello Hangouts!” can activate this feature by tapping upon the Profile picture…

…then tapping on the Settings Gear Icon…

…& scrolling down towards the Phone Number menu option (yes, tapping on it is required!).

Verify that Incoming Phone Calls is on (the toggle switch should be green but if it is gray then tap on it), then tap on the Messages toggle option which will transfer all new Google Voice messages to your Google Hangouts app.

Note: Sadly there is no way to import old Google Voice messages yet, but hopefully the lords of Google will consider this in the “semi-near future!”

If successful this screen will appear within the Google Voice app:

Truthfully I am glad Google has done this as it means that I no longer have to port my (former) Google Voice number elsewhere & as a bonus I can now receive video phone calls (as long as a person uses Google Hangouts of course!). 😛