Yes, CIA Tortured Terrorists…But They Also Tortured Innocents Too

I have yet to read through the entire CIA’s use of Enhanced Interrogation Techniques against terrorists (I am on page 36 with 100 pages to go!) but so far this declassified document is both enlightening & frightening.

Interesting/disturbing info gleamed from the report thus far:

  • CIA did gain some useful Intel from torturing terrorists
  • CIA torture resulted in the death of one individual
  • CIA tortured innocents who were not terrorists
  • CIA delayed releasing innocents due to fears program would be discovered
  • Few CIA contractors went beyond torture “legal limits” established by Justice Department
  • President Obama ended torture of terrorists & innocents via executive order

Although some are decrying the declassification of this document (as it will further enrage terrorists already trying to kill Americans), truthfully Americans need to know how brutal the US government will act towards America’s foes in order to protect US citizens.

Whether or not torturing terrorists (even at the expense of a few innocents) is justified in the long term is another question altogether (although Dick Cheney apparently was/is a fan of the program).

Note: Personally I am glad this program was shut down, although I am highly skeptical that the CIA has abandoned state sanctioned torture techniques.

Props: @AllAmericanGirl & for video link.