Welcome To Omerica…

Image Credit: GrrrGraphics.com

To quote Coldplay, “call it magic…call it true” would be a perfect description of what a Presidential executive order has become nowadays.

Sadly the American presidency position is morphing into that of a temporal king, especially after the executive order President Obama just signed (something even Saturday Night Live even acknowledges).

If the President can choose which laws he (or she) can enforce, then what is the point of having Congress create the laws in the first place‽

What will prevent the next or current President from choosing which taxes to enforce, which illicit drugs will be regulated, which lands/waters (or rather the plants & animals in them) will be protected from excessive oil drilling irregardless of environmental damage‽

Presidents can already attack foreign nations without declaring war, as well as send out combat drones to slaughter American citizens without due process.

If an Imperial President is the way of the future, then what truly separates the Leader of the Free World from official & unofficial dictators (such as Kim Jung Un & Vladimir Putin, respectively)‽