Google Wallet Ditches Developers…Except On Android‽

Spotted this via TechCrunch in which Google is doing their best to make frenemies & infuriate people.

“As we continue to evolve and improve our merchant tools to meet new market challenges in the payments space, we are writing to let you know we will be retiring the Google Wallet for digital goods API on March 2, 2015. […]”

“If you are selling apps on the Google Play Store or processing in-app payments through Google Wallet, you will continue to be supported. (Google Wallet Support)”

I have purchased items via Google Wallet in the past, which I preferred over PayPal due as the former was slightly much more attuned to safeguarding my privacy (at least via email).

With Google retreating to Helms Deep…er…Android, it makes me wonder how viable will Google Wallet be in the future—online & off.