Did @Google Abandon @Blogger‽

Perhaps abandon is a bit extreme (ignoring would be a better word) but many blogspot bloggers are wondering if Google is giving up on their publishing platform.

Google has mysteriously ceased publishing upon their official Blogger Buzz blog as well as Blogger’s Known Issues blog! (which lets users know which bugs Google is fixing within Blogger)

All silent on the social front‽

Ironically the official Blogger Google+ page is as fresh as stale bread while the @Blogger team gave up on Twitter months ago.

The Blogger team has even ceased YouTubing as well (this is their last video).

Unlike a few other spectacular failures (cue Google Wave), Google in the past would ignore a platform/service before shutting it down.

Google gave Orkut the silent treatment before shutting them down, as well as Google Reader, & Google Video (the latter after buying YouTube).

Although I would be shocked if Blogger was shut down (as the service is still very popular), Google for better or worse is no longer investing in its future (or at least not communicating Blogger’s future to the public).

I wonder why‽