My Yahoo Wish List

I want to love to love you Yahoo, but sadly there are a few glaring issues that Yahoo drastically needs to resolve in order to become relevant again (at least to me).

2-Factor Authentication

Why Yahoo STILL lacks this feature is beyond my comprehension.

Oops! I lied! Tumblr has implemented 2-factor authentication, & thus far is the only Yahoo realm (or should I say territory) known to boast about it.

Since typing a thousand pages would not adequately explain why 2-factor authentication is needed in the age of server hacking we now live in, perhaps this video below will enlighten enlightened Yahooligan minds to why 2-factor authentication is a necessary good.

Speaking of videos…

Flickr Films

Despite being eclipsed by Instagram (& later on Google+ according to my photo geek friends), Flickr is still an excellent platform to upload images/videos upon.

Sadly irregardless of whether one upgrades to premium or uses Flickr for free, users are limited to uploading up to 3 minutes of footage to their accounts.

Instead of giving users a reason to upload upon Flickr’s sister site (as Tumblr allows up to 5 minutes of video awesomeness), why not allow premium users to upload up to 900 seconds (aka 15 minutes) worth of footage‽

This way Flickr could challenge YouTube as the place for quality videos (as well as hosting quality images).

Contract Mailbox (By Dropbox)

No offense Yahoo but Yahoo Mail is looking rather stale.

Gmail was too until Inbox arrived!

Instead of distracting email engineers with the task of out geeking Google, why not strike a lucrative deal with Mailbox (owned by Dropbox) to revamp Yahoo Email’s user interface instead‽

Yes, this probably means dropping the silly news integration feature, (which increased ad impressions & email loathing), but would it not be worth making Yahoo Mail relevant to the masses again‽

Other Suggestions‽

I had a few others such as:

  • Buy Opera (but Facebook would out bid Yahoo for it)
  • Revamp Yahoo Messenger (no one would notice with Skype, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, et al, around)
  • Revamp Yahoo News/Sports/etcetera (Yahoo has done this already)

But honestly if Yahoo focused on improving security, Flickr & Mail, they might just have enough mojo to once again challenge Google for tech dominance…

…almost. :-/

Why Almost‽ The Bondage to Bing!! (Enough said!)