Google Is Reinventing Email…Again‽ (Gmail)

Thanks to friendly strangers upon Google+ I was able to secure an invite to Google Inbox. Wait, you don’t know what that is‽

Let’s just say it’s Google’s way of helping the masses attain “Inbox Zero” without realizing it.

It’s Google’s way of making email smarter (& more enjoyable for folks who are GTD addicts or laid back slackaholics. (basically people who hate wasting energy)

I enjoy how Inbox groups random receipts from everywhere as well as travel itineraries (neither which I’ll show out of fear of the NSA but Google stock photos will do).

It’s also a ToDo list as well, although I probably will not use it (as is way better!)

So far I like it although I’ll need to use it for a week straight before I can offer up a solid perspective.

Either way it puts Yahoo mail, iMail (by Apple) & Microsoft Mail (whatever they are naming their service these days) to shame (at least on mobile).