iHate iOS 8…

…or at least iOS 8.0.2!!

It’s not the fact that the OS is buggy but rather Apple is failing at the basics here!
It’s getting to the point where I might have to purchase a second rate Android phone in order to be able to use my smart phone without having to reboot it constantly!
Copy & paste works half of the time, while swapping between apps causes weird “purgatory” screens. 
Then there is this stupid warning that pops up & interrupts everything! (especially when playing videos).
Not to mention the white & black screens of death! Grrrrrrr!!!!
Hopefully 8.1 addresses these issues–otherwise I’ll join the dark side & buy a Nexus 6!
Note: Yes, this would suck as I would be ditching over $400 worth of apps, music & books but at least I could use my phone!!! 🙁