Month: October 2014

My Yahoo Wish List

I want to love to love you Yahoo, but sadly there are a few glaring issues that Yahoo drastically needs to resolve in order to become relevant again (at least to me). 2-Factor Authentication Why Yahoo STILL lacks this feature is beyond my comprehension. Oops! I lied! Tumblr has implemented 2-factor authentication, & thus far is the only Yahoo realm (or should I say territory) known to boast about it. Since typing a thousand pages would not adequately explain why 2-factor authentication is needed in the age of server hacking we now live in, perhaps this video below will enlighten enlightened Yahooligan minds to why 2-factor authentication is a necessary good. Speaking of videos… Flickr Films Despite being eclipsed by Instagram (& later on Google+ according to my photo geek friends), Flickr is still an excellent platform to upload images/videos upon. Sadly irregardless of whether one upgrades to premium or uses Flickr for free, users are limited to uploading up to 3 minutes of footage to their accounts. Instead of giving users a reason to upload upon Flickr’s sister site (as Tumblr allows up to 5 minutes of video awesomeness), why not allow premium users to upload up to 900 seconds (aka 15 minutes) worth of footage‽ This way Flickr could challenge YouTube as the place for quality videos (as well as hosting quality images). Contract Mailbox (By Dropbox)...

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Google Is Reinventing Email…Again‽ (Gmail)

Thanks to friendly strangers upon Google+ I was able to secure an invite to Google Inbox. Wait, you don’t know what that is‽ Let’s just say it’s Google’s way of helping the masses attain “Inbox Zero” without realizing it. It’s Google’s way of making email smarter (& more enjoyable for folks who are GTD addicts or laid back slackaholics. (basically people who hate wasting energy) I enjoy how Inbox groups random receipts from everywhere as well as travel itineraries (neither which I’ll show out of fear of the NSA but Google stock photos will do). It’s also a ToDo...

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Craptastic: Apple Pay & PayPal Cards Do Not Mix

I am shedding geek tears after discovering that my beloved PayPal card (which I use for ¾ of my digital/tech purchses & ⅓ of my physical purchases for security reasons) is incompatible with Apple Pay (at least according to the Twitterverse). @isaiah Because my debit card is one issued to me by PayPal I don’t think I’ll ever get to use it with Apple Pay. 🙁 — Adam Shiver (@elixirgraphics) October 20, 2014 My @PayPal card, which I use for 95% of my purchases, is not Apple Pay ready, and probably never will be. — Howard Pinsky (@IceflowStudios) October 20, 2014 I was going to use my @PayPal card more with apple pay till @AskPayPal didnt add it 😑 like ill literally swich banks — LJ (@Lazy2332) October 20, 2014 I am not sure if this has has to do with Apple’s alleged temper tantrum (via @Taimour Zaman) with PayPal for aligning with Samsung or banks plotting against Paypal (via @TimGreen64), but either way I need to verify if my bank is Apple Pay...

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Avoid Buying .NYC Domains (For Now)

Previously I discovered that if you buy a .NYC domain & enrage the local tax authority in city hall (or even the IRS) they can seize your domain (& there is little you can do about it except appease them via money & tears!). Now there is yet another reason why any sane person should avoid purchasing a .NYC for personal use. “WILL PROXY REGISTRATIONS, SOMETIMES CALLED “DOMAIN PRIVACY” BE ALLOWED ON MY .NYC DOMAIN NAME?” “Proxy registrations are not permitted under current policy.” “The .nyc TLD has compelling interest in ensuring that its top-level domain is administered in a secure manner and that the information contained within .nyc is reliable, accurate, and up-to date. One of the mechanisms to ensure the integrity of .nyc is the maintenance of a complete and accurate WHOIS database. A complete and accurate WHOIS database promotes New York City’s interest in preventing identity theft, fraud and other on-line crime, in promoting the public’s ability to police its rights against unlawful copyright and trademark infringement, and avoiding technical mishaps. ( FAQ)” While private registration is irritating when pursuing a trademark issue or criminal investigation (at least for lawyers & cops), it’s vital for personal bloggers & Padawan web masters living in the age of the easily offended. Harassment online from haters can be intense (especially towards women!) for anyone holding secular, religious, political, scientific...

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Domains With Benefits: Perks Of Owning .CO And .XXX

Owning a domain is now the new black (& yes, there is a .black domain extension, as well as a .red, a .pink & a .blue) ranging from the silly (.photography or .technology) to the convenient (.com, .net, .org, etcetera). While a few “odd choices” are useful (.bio, .nyc, .xyz, et al), 2 domain extensions people should consider are the repurposed .co domain (formally Columbia’s country code domain) & the controversial .xxx domain (I’ll explain this later!) due to the perks. What’s So Special About .CO‽ Aside from being a letter short of the much treasured .com (not to mention a better option than .cm or .io), nothing much! 😛 However (as I belatedly discovered) owning a .co domain grants one access to: free (or discounted) books tickets to geek events web services (live video setup, hosting, etcetera) car rentals web designers, marketing, et al access to certain credit cards (odd if you ask me!) But do not take my word for it: “Every .CO comes with free access to the .CO Membership Program. Sign up to start taking advantage of the extra perks that come with your .CO domain! (…)” “Enjoy complimentary access to hot industry events and exclusive invites to networking functions.” Signing up (.co domain required) & peeking behind the curtain revealed that the .CO domain czars are passionate in helping businesses thrive & will aid...

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