Is Time Against Hong Kong‽

Like many info geeks I’ve been following the protests happening in Hong Kong.

Understandably the US media is more focused on the collapse of the Iraqi government, so I have to rely upon Instagram…


Amazing, proud of living in HK #Repost from @saisquared with @repostapp --- #democracy#umbrellarevolution#hongkong




…as well as Twitter for info on what is happening within Hong Kong as the future of that region remains uncertain.

Speaking of Hong Kong’s future I came across this interesting fact regarding the former British colony.

“Britain handed control of Hong Kong, one of its former colonies, to China in 1997.”

“The two governments negotiated a so-called “one country, two systems” method of government that ensures Hong Kong remains free of China’s socialism. Hong Kong’s basic law promises its capitalist system will remain untouched for 50 years. (CBC NEWS)“

Since it’s 2014 right now, does that means in 2047 (33 years from now) China will be able to impose their iron will completely upon Hong Kong population‽

If so, that might explain why China is hostile to the idea of open elections (as time is on the red dragon’s side).