Up Is Down: Google Bans Apple Approved App‽

Android: digital land of the free & home of the escaped iSlaves (or so I am told).

Where any developer worth their code can submit their app to Google Play without fear of an iTribunal or appeasing a Microsoft minister.

Until now…

“Disconnect Mobile returned to the Google Play Store yesterday for the first time since Google banned it in August, but overnight Google kicked the app out again. (…)”

“Disconnect Mobile, a malicious tracking and malicious advertising prevention app, was originally banned in August for violating section 4.4 of the Google Developer Distribution Agreement. That section prohibits Android apps hosted in Google Play from interfering with other apps or Android services. (CNET)”

Despite “somehow” enraging the lords of Google, Disconnect Mobile still has favor with the iDukes of Apple (although it’s 3 star average rating has not impressed iCitizens upon the App Store).

While Google often uses the ban hammer to eradicate spammy & malware apps, this is the first time I have heard of them actively banning ad blocking apps (which probably is a testimony as to how effective Disconnect Mobile is!).

Google has been vague as to why the app was banned, but any Padawan geek with some business sense would recognize that Disconnect Mobile thwarts advertising companies from tracking users online.

Note: Jaded Android lovers upset about Disconnect Mobile forced exodus out of the primary droid jungle can side load the app by visiting this link upon Disconnect Mobile’s website.