Putin Risking World War Over A Dead Dream‽

Image: Via Kremlin

Vladimir Putin…also known as bad Vlad…seems to enjoy flaunting mother Russia’s strength around, intimidating foes & frenemies alike (irregardless of NATO membership).

While Putin’s actions are probably making preppers look good, the one question we fail to ask is, “Why is Putin flirting with World War 3‽”

Image: Via Wikipedia

While answers like:

  • Because Putin is criminally insane
  • Because Putin needs a foe to distract from domestic weaknesses
  • Because Putin hates America or
  • Because Putin is bored

…are more or less semi-correct answers, the truth can easily be summed up by a little guy boasting a shirtless chest:

“The collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geo-political catastrophe of the century. And for the Russian people, it became a real drama. Tens of millions of our citizens found themselves outside the Russian Federation…” ~Vladimir Putin (The Independent)”

Please excuse the absurdity of this statement for a few moments (as it will help one view the world through Kremlin eyes).

If the greatest catastrophe of the century was the USSR dissolving into mush, then would not the greatest triumph be its restoration‽

If there is one thing the former KGB agent would love for his friends, frenemies & foes to remember him by it would be this:

That Vladimir Putin restored the USSR in all but name only!

Fortunately for humanity Putin is not an immortal–however that may also explain why Putin is acting so brazenly towards the west.

In order for Putin to realize his dream (currently being masqueraded as the Eurasian Union) he needs to regain control of former Soviet republics directly (via war), indirectly (via rebellions, coups, etcetera) or formal alliances (aka nations joining the Eurasian Union).

Image: Via All Empires

Will Putin emerge victorious‽

That depends on whether NATO is willing to engage in a very violent & massive, thermonuclear war over Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania