Month: September 2014

Is Time Against Hong Kong‽

Like many info geeks I’ve been following the protests happening in Hong Kong. Understandably the US media is more focused on the collapse of the Iraqi government, so I have to rely upon Instagram… …Vine… // // …as well as Twitter for info on what is happening within Hong Kong as the future of that region remains uncertain. Speaking of Hong Kong’s future I came across this interesting fact regarding the former British colony. “Britain handed control of Hong Kong, one of its former colonies, to China in 1997.” “The two governments negotiated a so-called “one country, two systems” method of government that ensures Hong Kong remains free of China’s socialism. Hong Kong’s basic law promises its capitalist system will remain untouched for 50 years. (CBC NEWS)“ Since it’s 2014 right now, does that means in 2047 (33 years from now) China will be able to impose their iron will completely upon Hong Kong population‽ If so, that might explain why China is hostile to the idea of open elections (as time is on the red dragon’s...

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Loud iWhining And gRanting Coming From…The FBI‽

Image Via EverythingNew Sometimes I wonder if my government understands the concept of liberty beyond the barrel of a gun. Cue the bureaucratic rant… “Today at FBI headquarters, director James Comey told reporters he was concerned by the move. “I like and believe very much that we should have to obtain a warrant from an independent judge to be able to take the content of anyone’s closet or their smart phone,” Comey said. “The notion that someone would market a closet that could never be opened — even if it involves a case involving a child kidnapper and a court order — to me does not make any sense.” (via The Verge)“ Since the FBI can not beat/coerce confessions of the accused due to the 5th amendment, they prefer Americans too ignorant to secure their private devices (which consumers pay a hefty fee for!) to lack the adequate protection needed to keep hackers at bay. In essence the FBI’s interests do not align with iLovers & gConsumers everywhere, not to mention constitutional rights to privacy (which is sadly becoming endangered in the western world). But all is not lost for our federal overlords–after all we are merely surfs who serve at their pleasure. Since Google & Apple are securing smart devices by default, this means that FBI will have to rely upon black hat hackers (who do not work...

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Shocked Google Created A Descent News App

I’m pleasantly impressed with the new Google News app–officially known as Google Play Newsstand (yes, the name is full of boring but it probably pleases the lawyers).  I still think they should have kept the Currents name (but perhaps that was omitted due to Currents having a horrible reputation).  That said, it looks like Google+ is no longer a sharing option anymore (Google removed it from their iOS Chrome...

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iOS 8: Did Google Chrome Dump Google+‽

Well this is an (un)pleasant surprise! Google Chrome for iOS removed Google+ (which I’m a proud member of) as a sharing option! Previously Google+, Facebook & Twitter were the main options (as this 2012 Verge article shows).  Now I can share articles via Twitter, Facebook (which I’ve turned off), Tumblr (yay!), Evernote & even Flipboard! Either Google is giving up on Google+ or they forgot to add it Chrome (or at least make it a shareable option within iOS 8 amongst the other...

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Syria: Fools Rush In Where Wise Minds Wait

Image: Area previously conquered by Islamic State. Credit: Wikipedia With the savage execution of US journalists still fresh upon many American minds, there are now renewed calls for arming the moderate Syrian rebels who are locked in a tri civil war with Assad the butcher & Islamic State (formally known as ISIL). After all, the moderate Syrian rebels share America’s cherished values of freedom, & hate Islamic State almost as much as they hate Assad! Uh oh! Syria’s tri civil war just became…a civil war‽ “Moderate Syrian rebels and the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) reportedly struck a cease-fire deal on Friday, according to a group that has monitored Syria’s civil war.” “The groups agreed to a non-aggression pact in which they promised not to attack each other. (via The Hill)” If moderate Syrian rebels are forming truces with Islamic State (a terrorist state that makes Al Qaeda look tame!), then should the US continue to work with them‽ There are no great (or even good!) options for victory in Syria, save for sending in US troops & removing Assad, Al Qaeda & Islamic State from the region (a price which will require a lot of American blood). Sitting out of this conflict may appear to some as weak, cowardly, or (dare I say!) libertarian, but truthfully it is a superior option than helping Assad maintain his...

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