Go Home Twitter, You’re Drunk (On SoundCloud)

Perhaps I’m blind, ignorant & dumb (always a possibility) but honestly I don’t see how Twitter assimilating/acquiring SoundCloud would be a good thing.

“If the deal goes forward, and that’s by no means a certainty, it would likely be Twitter’s most expensive acquisition by some margin. Earlier this year, SoundCloud announced a $60 million funding round that valued the company at $700 million. Last fall, as Twitter was preparing to go public, it acquired mobile ad company MoPub in a deal that valued that company above $300 million. (via Re/code)”

Yes, I understand that the Twitterverse is abuzz about music, but aside from reaching the half billion mark I fail to see how acquiring SoundCloud will compliment the micro blogging company (at least in the long term).

Either way I suspect Mark Zuckerburg is taking a second look at SoundCloud & will attempt to convince the audiophile lords to join the Facebook Federation as an independent republic.