Month: March 2014

Boycotting Elections Has Consequences. Just Ask Crimea

So if the “exit polls” are correct it looks like Crimea will rejoin the Russian Federation after being rejected by Mama Bear approximately 60 years ago. “Some 95.5% of voters in Crimea have supported joining Russia, officials say. after half the votes have been counted in a disputed referendum. (BBC News)” Huh‽ Correct me if I’m wrong, but there is no bloody way that over 95% of the people voted for rejoining Russia! After all, isn’t there a sizable Muslim population who isn’t that fond of Mother Russia‽ Surely they would have voted against being under Putin’s thumb! “Some 58% of people in Crimea are ethnic Russian, with the rest made up of Ukrainians and Tatars.” “Most of the Tatars that the BBC spoke to said they had boycotted the vote, and felt that life under the Kremlin would be worse. (BBC News)” Hmmmm…ok…that almost explains the shocking high numbers of Russian empire lovers…almost. “Ethnic Ukrainians interviewed outside the Ukrainian Orthodox cathedral of Vladimir and Olga said they refused to take part in the referendum, calling it an illegal charade stage-managed by Moscow. Some said they were scared of the potential for widespread discrimination and harassment in the coming weeks, similar to what happened in parts of nearby Georgia, another former Soviet republic, after its 2008 war with Russia. (Fox News)” So basically Crimea’s two largest opposition groups boycotted...

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Ukraine Needs A Few Good Nukes…

…as apparently Russia isn’t satisfied with just taking over Crimea in Ukraine…at least according to the Russian Foreign Ministry (rough Google translation below). “March 13 in Donetsk tragic events and bloodshed. Peaceful demonstrators who came to the streets to express their attitude to the destructive position of people who call themselves the Ukrainian authorities, attacked right-wing groups, armed with traumatic weapons and bats that began to arrive on the eve of the city from other parts of the country. The clashes have a large number of wounded and one person died.” “We have repeatedly stated that came to power in Kiev must disarm militants and ensure public safety and the legitimate right of people to hold rallies. Unfortunately, as the events in Ukraine, this does not happen, the Kiev authorities are not in control of the situation in the country.” “Russia is aware of its responsibility for the lives of fellow citizens and the Ukraine and reserves the right to take people under protection.” Note: Emphasis mine. In hindsight we can see that the Budapest Memorandum was a grievous mistake & that Ukraine should have kept those 1900 nukes after all. Now with nothing to fear from Ukraine other than a passive military & potential US sanctions, I wouldn’t be surprised if Russia decided to annex Eastern Ukraine in the the name of freedom & safety. Via: @Shustry &...

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