Android OEM Stupidity Is Damaging Android’s Credibility

Half of my family (cousins, siblings, uncles, aunts, etcetera) & many of my friends power their phones with some variant of Google’s incredible mobile OS known as Android.

Sadly while I have a lot of respect for Android, I have little for the OEM’s whose short sightedness is killing the platform’s reputation.

“Last month, the company said neither the One X or the One X+ would receive updates to Android 4.4—both phones were released in 2012 and run Android 4.2, which was released back in November of 2012. The decision was apparently made because the HTC One X+ uses an Nvidia Tegra 3 SoC, and HTC couldn’t get the support it needed from Nvidia to update the phone further. (Ars Technica)”

Honestly one of the biggest complaints I hear from the Android faithful is that they are unable to update their phone to the latest dairy/candy flavored version ( Note to Google: naming versions after foods is ingenious!) which means they can not partake of the latest & greatest features in Instagram/app game/etcetera.

This leaves a bitter taste in their mouths, allowing iSith masters like me to bring them over to the side of awesome once their contract is done.

Say what you want about Apple’s walled garden or “commie” app tribunal, at least Steve Jobs (now Tim Cook’s) comrades demonstrate that they care about the customer beyond the sale by updating devices 2 years ago to the latest & greatest OS.

If HTC & other Android OEM’s (whose names do not rhyme with Samsung) want to actually prosper in this post PC era then they need to commit to supporting their yesteryear flagship devices lest they lose future customers as a result.

Via: Daring Fireball