Month: December 2013

It’s Time For @Twitter To Release A Real Mute Button!

Unless you’re a Cylon or geek you probably didn’t realize that Twitter “downgraded” their Block feature into a mute button earlier today without renaming it as a mute button. It caused so much outrage amongst the Twitterverse that Tweet execs held an emergency meeting to discuss the pending cyber riot & (to the cheers of many) decided to roll back the block feature to…well…a block feature! “Earlier today, we made a change to the way the “block” function of Twitter works. We have decided to revert the change after receiving feedback from many users – we never want to introduce features at the cost of users feeling less safe. Any blocks you had previously instituted are still in effect. (via Official Twitter Blog)” While the reverting will please the angry masses, there is still a vocal minority on Twitter demanding the ability to block someone without having them notified that they are being ignored (which Twitter later on acknowledges on their blog). Instead of having another meaningless debate on the “art of blocking,” why not introduce a mute button? Rival platforms like Google+ & Alpha (upon App.Net) boast these features, which allows people to ignore offending voices without picking up the ban hammer. It would satisfy both groups without having to flirt with an intergalactic civil war within the Twitterverse. 😉 PS If the mighty mute button is being...

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Pandora Wants To Be My iClock? Make It So!

And thus the last reason I have to use my default iClock has just been nullified by Pandora who just updated the iOS (before Android ironically) with the ability to wake me up to my favorite music. Well…almost. “The Alarm Clock allows you to wake up to your favorite Pandora music and includes key features like the ability to snooze. When the alarm goes off, your music will begin to play with album art scrolling in the background. At this point, you can choose to snooze, turn off the alarm, or keep listening to your music simply by tapping the song title or artist name on your phone screen. (Pandora Blog)” Sadly your iPhone must be plugged in for the alarm clock to activate, & the app must be active on the screen for it to work. The latter raises an interesting dilemma as my iPhone automatically turns off after 300 seconds (aka 5 minutes) of inactivity from a human, Cylon or Android appendage. I’ll test it as my alarm for tomorrow, but just in case my favorite music app fails me I’ll keep the iClock on by default. Note: Props to Life Hacker for alerting me about this (pun not...

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