Tweetbot Dethrones Duck Dynasty As Top Paid iOS App

In the battle of the “birds” (pun very much intended!) Tweetbot has dethroned Duck Dynasty as the top paid app in the US!

At least for now that is!

Note: Yes, I’m aware that there is more to Duck Dynasty than birds but then again I don’t really watch the show so 😛

Congrats to Paul & Mark for building such a gorgeous app, as well as underselling it to me for $2.99 USD! (when I would have paid $10 USD!) 😉

If you haven’t downloaded Tweetbot yet, or did previously & deleted the app before the latest & greatest update (3.1 last I checked) you might want to give it a second look.

Although Tweetbot’s UI is much more “crowded” than the Official Twitter iOS App, it does boast a few useful features lacking (& sorely needed) in the official app which include:

  • Translation tools (as not everyone tweets in English!)
  • Muting loud mouths via hashtags
  • Ability to actually upload a video!
  • Use your own custom URL Shortener
  • No ads! (which I would PAY Twitter to avoid seeing)

Hopefully the Tapbots team will generate enough spare cash from Tweetbot’s success to begin updating their other neglected apps (& no, I don’t think that will include Netbot).

Tweet Tip: @HilzFuld