Snowden Is A “Dirtbag” According To…@HotAirBlog?!

So @Jazz Shaw of fame responded to a New York Times article in which Edward Snowden appealed to the US government to stop labeling him as a traitor.

“As to the traitor thing, we’ve heard the same song and dance from Assange for a long time. In fact, in terms of media availability, the two should be considered relatively indistinguishable at this point. But if you don’t care for traitor, how about…dirtbag? (via Hot Air, Note: Emphasis mine)”

Is Snowden a traitor‽

Technically yes, as Snowden did reveal classified information to world about how the NSA was spying en mass on American citizens (especially “love interests”), illegally hacking into Google & Yahoo servers, severely weakening security protocols for financial institutions (as well as the web in general) without having to ask a robed master in black (aka a Judge) for prior permission in writing! (aka a warrant!)

If that makes Snowden a traitor then please tell me what a patriot is‽

After all, our founding fathers also seemed to object to intrusive searches sans court order by the British (which is probably why they wrote the Forth Amendment.

Jazz Shaw probably loathes Snowden, as do many conservatives & progressives who worship at the feet of the state (at least when their party is in power).

But honestly I’m glad Snowden exposed the NSA’s disregard of civil liberties to the world as it gives open minded citizens a chance to fight & (hopefully) end these abuses lest America elects a totally corrupt official to the White House that will make Barack W. Bush (yes, I intentionally said that) look like a strict constitutionalist.