Month: November 2013

Google Translate Within iGoogle+‽

That was fast Google! Approximately a week ago I suggested that Google integrate translation in Google+ within their iOS app (a feature my Android brethren have apparently enjoyed for quite some time). After the latest Google+ update which included full resolution backup of images & videos (long overdue honesty), Google also integrated their translating feature within Google+. Tapping on the widget at the top of the screen… …then tapping on the “Translate post” button… …will automagically translate the post within the app! Note: most apps either open up Google Translate via Safari/Chrome or open up the official Google Translate App itself. Interestingly the post will stay translated even after traversing back to the main stream (but only for...

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How Google Can Get It’s Plushood Back (& Avoid ID Madness)

Did you sense a disturbance in the Googleverse? After the geek masters at Google granted the not so rich & obscure masses the ability to claim their custom +Username (aka vanity or custom URL), “millions” cried out in terror over the inability to select their +Username of choice! Surely out of all the John Smiths & Mary Janes online (& on Google+), they are the world’s favorite! Joking aside Google needs a better policy for awarding popular custom URL’s to passionate users without adding silly numbers or letters at the end (lest they lose credibility as a legitimate identity service like Twitter, Facebook,, et al). While bidding for them could be a solution (after all Google may charge users for the privilege of owning a custom URL), a better solution might be found upon the world, wide web. Enter The -Dragon- Domainer‽ Google has a beautiful tool called Google Authorship which helps the search engine king identify which sites a user owns. Google could determine that if a user owns (& is actively using it) then that individual should be awarded the +FirstnameLastname custom username. In case where multiple Plusers (what I lovingly call Google+ guys & gals) own similar domains with differing domain extensions (like .com, .net,, .co, .me, .xxx, etcetera) then Google can determine which active domain was registered first & award +username based...

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iHate The New iBooks Update

I’m probably alone in this regard but I absolutely loathe the iBooks update.  It feels like someone sucked the Honey out of Honey Nut Cheerios & all I have left is dry semi-stale cereal in a cold ugly bowl.  Yes, it fits right in with the new iOS 7 but honestly it’s lack of texture makes it feel…synthetic & artificial instead of inviting & joyful.  I’m deleting it (along with all the books I bought) after this...

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Tweetbot Dethrones Duck Dynasty As Top Paid iOS App

In the battle of the “birds” (pun very much intended!) Tweetbot has dethroned Duck Dynasty as the top paid app in the US! At least for now that is! Note: Yes, I’m aware that there is more to Duck Dynasty than birds but then again I don’t really watch the show so 😛 Congrats to Paul & Mark for building such a gorgeous app, as well as underselling it to me for $2.99 USD! (when I would have paid $10 USD!) 😉 If you haven’t downloaded Tweetbot yet, or did previously & deleted the app before the latest & greatest update (3.1 last I checked) you might want to give it a second look. Although Tweetbot’s UI is much more “crowded” than the Official Twitter iOS App, it does boast a few useful features lacking (& sorely needed) in the official app which include: Translation tools (as not everyone tweets in English!) Muting loud mouths via hashtags Ability to actually upload a video! Use your own custom URL Shortener No ads! (which I would PAY Twitter to avoid seeing) Hopefully the Tapbots team will generate enough spare cash from Tweetbot’s success to begin updating their other neglected apps (& no, I don’t think that will include Netbot). Tweet Tip:...

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Snowden Is A “Dirtbag” According To…@HotAirBlog?!

So @Jazz Shaw of fame responded to a New York Times article in which Edward Snowden appealed to the US government to stop labeling him as a traitor. “As to the traitor thing, we’ve heard the same song and dance from Assange for a long time. In fact, in terms of media availability, the two should be considered relatively indistinguishable at this point. But if you don’t care for traitor, how about…dirtbag? (via Hot Air, Note: Emphasis mine)” Is Snowden a traitor‽ Technically yes, as Snowden did reveal classified information to world about how the NSA was spying en mass on American citizens (especially “love interests”), illegally hacking into Google & Yahoo servers, severely weakening security protocols for financial institutions (as well as the web in general) without having to ask a robed master in black (aka a Judge) for prior permission in writing! (aka a warrant!) If that makes Snowden a traitor then please tell me what a patriot is‽ After all, our founding fathers also seemed to object to intrusive searches sans court order by the British (which is probably why they wrote the Forth Amendment. Jazz Shaw probably loathes Snowden, as do many conservatives & progressives who worship at the feet of the state (at least when their party is in power). But honestly I’m glad Snowden exposed the NSA’s disregard of civil liberties to...

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